About Me

My background

I've been drawing as long as I can remember. I now do graphic design, illustration, and 3d modeling for a living. I'm exploring 3d printing and augmented reality art as well.  On top of the above mentioned, I also create and sell original artwork and products.

I live in the Midwest with my wife and two sons.

My experience

I graduated form the Illinois Institute of Art with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Media Arts and Animation. Since then I've worked doing graphics for t-shirt's, packaging, logos, event posters, illustration, 3d modeling,  3d printing, and selling my art. The main programs I use are the Photoshop, Illustrator, and Zbrush, but I use others on occasion. The traditional tools I employ are pencil, ink, paints,  colored pencil, spray paint, marker rendering and sculpture.  Upon request a more detailed resume can be sent to prospective clients / employers.

My vision

My skills as an illustrator, graphic designer, and 3d artist all enhance each other and give me a unique skill set.  By combining these different disciplines, digital knowledge and traditional techniques I can create eye catching graphics in a variety of styles.

Whether it's design, 3d, or commissioned art work I charge a reasonable rate for high quality work. 

Contact Me

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Jeff Klynstra

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